A Message from Sean


Hey all! I have a lot of passions in my life, but only a few like music, magic, and chess have stayed constant. My friend and genius Adisa Banjoko of the Hip Hop Chess Federation reignited my interest in chess after Josh Waitzkin connected us. Ever since then I have seen how Adisa’s organization has helped so many kids rise above and be successful. That inspired me to make this blog and share the incredible art known throughout the world as the oldest thinking man’s game ever. I hope you come back often and I will post daily when I can. Thank you for visiting Chess Videos Daily and if you are a fan of magicians and popular, rare, and creative videos then visit Magic Videos Daily.


One of, if not the classiest player in chess ever – Boris Spassky

I love this man. He is a sportsman. He did not care anything about the antics of Bobby Fischer and wanted to play him no matter what. He could have left, but he stayed and he fought like a true champion until the end.

Here, Boris Spassky talks about fearing for his life in later years. He is truly a chess legend and genius.

An interview he did in 2012 is HERE